Friday, January 21, 2011

Sorry, better luck next time!

I'm really bummed, I actually thought we had a fighting chance this month. I'm pretty sure with my "L" day today, the "M" day will follow tomorrow.

I went for a US on cd3, 8,12, and 16 this cycle. I triggered on day 8 which I had 3 good follies. I went back on day 12 which found 1 out of the 3 follies ruptured. WHAT?!?! I actually ovulated, WOW I gotta mark this one down!! But the other 2 follies turned to LUFs. Monday I will call PP for a CR and day 3 US. Why, why, why......

So tonight I'm occupying my time by baking cream cheese brownies and pumpkin bread for work tomorrow. We are suppose to get more snow tomorrow, yeah us (this is full of sarcasm here). It seems like it has snowed every other day for the last 2 weeks. Guess DH and I will be cooped up for the weekend again! :)

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


  1. I am sorry to hear this. It doesn't get any easier does it? I think pumpkin bread and cream cheese brownies are a good way to funnel your energy. Can I come to your house? Yum! Except for the dang snow. We are getting a ton here too, but there are worst things than getting cooped up with dh-I am having to be cooped up without mine b/c he has to work all weekend and no one can come to me:(

  2. Great idea to cook something yummy when you are upset. I am expecting CD1 and I had a delish dinner last night of deer tenderloin DH just shot, purple potatoes, ceasar salad, fried apples and cookies. Parents, sis, BIL, and bf came over and we ate on the china. Sometimes little things get us through these days.....

  3. Quick question. With luf do you get an lh surge with an opk?