Thursday, September 2, 2010


Hello! I am very new to blogging and thought I would give it a whirl. I would like to meet other ladies in my position. Here's a little about our story.....DH and I married November 2006.

We were positive we wanted children. In early 2007 we started trying for our first baby. About September 2007 I stopped having cycles and thought this was too easy let alone too good to be true. Little did we know this would be just the beginning of our story. I went to the doctor after not having cycles for four months. After a few blood tests confirming we were not pregnant and nothing found to be wrong, we were handed a prescription for clomid and told to come back when we were pregnant. After some thought, DH and I decided this was not the road we wanted to take and wanted to figure out why my cycles had stopped. I had heard of a lady at the local herbal store who specalizes in female reproduction problems. After taking her recommendations, my cycles returned in March 2008. She suggested we start charting our cycles and take Natural Family Planning (NFP) classes to help achieve pregnancy.

I found out who the local NFP instructor was and we started classes in May 2008. After four cycles our NFP instructor saw some things that concerned her. She suggested a RE to help sort out my cycles. In July 2008 we had our first appointment. After extensive blood work and ultrasounds, it was found I have a thyroid problem as well as a progesterone deficiency. The next step was a laparoscopy. January 15, 2009 I had my laparoscopy which showed extensive endometriosis. The endo was so extensive it was starting to grow onto my kidney. My RE felt to make sure all the endo was taken care of, I would need a laparotomy. It was now two years that we had been TTC so the laparotomy seemed logical. My surgery was set for April 2, 2009. It was great to look forward to get the endo taken care of and have my body healthy and ready to conceive.

This was stopped short when my cycle didn't start in March. I took a HPT March 27, 2009 and to my surprise it was positive. Over two years of trying our prayers had been answered. I called the RE when the office opened, I had to come in for blood work and had to start progesterone shots that day. Every two days I would need a progesterone shot and went for lab work every two weeks. DH and I were so very excited!Our world was turned upside down when I went in for my US and blood work. I was told that they were not sure what was going on but it didn't look good and to wait for the lab results. By the end of the day, I found out my labs were going down from the previous weeks and things didn't look good. I had a natural mc April 15, 2009.My laparotomy was rescheduled for July 9, 2009. I had the surgery and all endo was lasered out.

In Feburary 2010 I developed an LUF. Was on progesterone shots and had ultrasounds every month. The LUF's finally all went away in June. Now we are just waiting for our month to concieve. That was short lived as the LUFs came back with August's cycle!

It's been a rough road so far, but we're bound and determined to get what we want! The all american family with 2.5 kids!

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